"Staffing Partners does a great job supplying us with qualified, dependable, and hard working associates."

- Ken
Mansfield Screw Machine Pro. Co. 
Mansfield, Ohio

"Staffing Partners has been able to deliver. We appreciate the quick response Staffing Partners has provided to our just in time need for temporary staffing"

- Julie, Organization/People Development HR Leadership
Mr. Box Plus 
Mansfield, Ohio

"We couldn't be happier with Staffing Partners' service and people.  We always get a quality employee in a timely fashion.  We will continue to use Staffing Partners for all of our staffing needs."

- Eric, Operations Manager
Moore Products LLC 

"We have a strong relationship with Staffing Partners developed over years of service. They understand our needs, are quick to respond and communicate effectively with our staff. Staffing Partners is easy and fun to work with!"

- Barbara, President
Commercial Cutting 

"Staffing Partners has definitely been to the rescue for StarTek with fast and dependable office help for us when we needed it. Our temp help from them has been very dependable and hard working.  I consider them a VERY valuable business partner!"

- Kimberly, Recruiting Manager

"I appreciate the quick service finding me qualified associates in a timely manner and the time it has saved my company with finding a temporary work force. I look forward to working with Staffing Partners in the future for my staffing needs."

- Vic, Service Center Manager    

"Staffing Partners has been able to deliver a quick response to our last minute staffing needs."

- Larry, Manager

"Our industry needs are very specific. Staffing Partners has an unsurpassed sales team that timely provides the professional & personal touch to what our company is looking for every time!!""

- Jocelyn, Executive Administrator
The Reman Center, Inc. 

"Even though we are a company with a small staff size, Staffing Partners treats us like we are their number one priority.  Staffing Partners does an excellent job making sure our temporary employees fit the mold of our company well, in personality and skill level.  I can tell they take my comments seriously and search their database for that one, right person."

- Mike, Operations Manager
G&L Supply 

"Staffing Partners have become just that to us. They are partners in a sense that they do such a quality job finding candidates that are tailored for our business, just as I would do myself. We have tried many temp services, to no avail. They would always send us “bodies” when we were in need of skill. They never took the time to grasp what we do here. Wasting our time and resources as well as their own. Staffing Partners took the times, and asked the right questions to be sure they had a good understanding of what we do and how they could service our needs.

With our business it varies day to day as far as the manpower we require, and different types of skill required for each project. I have full confidence if I call Staffing Partners with a list of skills required they will send me numerous candidates to choose from. And if it’s down to the wire where we just don’t have time to screen potential candidates I have full confidence that Staffing Partners will send me someone with the appropriate skill set for the job.

The staff at Staffing Partners, as well as the recourses of people they have to fill positions have become a huge asset to our company."

- Kathy, Office Manager

"I have had the pleasure of working with Staffing Partners for the last several months. In that time my company, Wilson Bohannan Company, has had two highly skilled positions that needed filled. All of the crew at Staffing Partners have been a delight to work with and they have worked relentlessly to fill our needs with these positions. Catrina has taken the time to learn our corporate culture and environment and has weighed those very important concerns into her recruitment process to guarantee us an excellent fit.I also appreciate the community awareness that Staffing Partners has and their eagerness to not only be a top notch, highly successful staffing agency but to be good corporate citizens as well.A big thank you to Catrina, Thunder and Jen for all of your hard work and perserverance and I look forward to working together with you all in our journeys to grow our respective companies !!!"

- Randy Dawson, VP of Operations
Wilson Bohannan Co. 
Marion, OH

"I have been with ArtiFlex Mfg LLC for approximately 2.5 years. We use a considerable number of temporary production workers every week and as a result I am contacted regularly by staffing agencies. Even though there are many companies from which to choose, we have a long-standing relationship with Staffing Partners. Staffing Partners has consistently provided efficient service with an on-site representative as well as a local office. The service is not only efficient but always professional – from all members of their team.

Thank you for your continued support of ArtiFlex Mfg LLC.

- Lori McCloskey, Human Resources Office
ArtiFlex Manufacturing, LLC 
Wooster, OH

"They helped me out when no one else was hiring and they helped me by getting into a good place to work."

- Jeremy B.

"They have treated me awesome from the time I walked through the door. Thank you"

- Stephanie D.

"Because it’s a wonderful place to work. Great staff and excellent work."

- Lindsay B.

"The staff at Staffing Partners are very friendly and helpful with any questions you might have. The first job they found for me was a long-term assignment. I was hired by the company permanently with full benefits immediately. I would work with Staffing Partners again if it ever became necessary."

- Karen C.

"On October 15, 2013, I was hired in as the Office Manager of a roof coatings manufacturer in Smithville, OH though Staffing Partners’ Wooster Office. From the time I first dropped off my resume through the time I was hired in as a permanent employee, my experience with everyone at Staffing Partners was amazing. Given the fact that I was not only an older worker but was also transitioning careers, they made sure they found a good fit for my talents and their client’s need. I was so impressed with Staffing Partners that when I became responsible for the interviewing and hiring, I looked to them for our additional staff. The two people they sent out to interview were both excellent workers and both fit into our culture well. If you are looking for a job or career or are an employer looking to hire on additional staff (clerical or labor), you won’t go wrong using Staffing Partners."

- Dale P.
Wooster, OH

"I had a very great experience working through Staffing Partners. They follow through with what they say. I was hired in with ArtiFlex in a month and a half. No lies. Straight forward people. Thank you Staffing Partners for the great job opportunity."

- Subrena F.
Wooster, OH

"The staff has always been very friendly and kind. I got placement almost immediately after filling out my application."

- Aaron H.
Wooster, OH

"We are approaching one year with Staffing Partners and it has been a great relationship. They have met every need that we have had filling our manufacturing staffing requirements. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. "

- Lynn Buckley
Mills Company 

"I have worked with your agency for approximately 2 years. I have also worked with other agencies as well during that time, but I must say that none of them can match the service and quality of people that your staff has given us! Everyone in your office is a pleasure to work with! Thank you for helping us fulfill our needs so well!"

- Diane Belcher
Diamond Wipes Int’l 

"Very nice people. Always helpful & always willing to work hard for you."

- Jeris Barber

"Staffing Partners has come through for me, on more than one occasion. Not only have they placed me at a job but it is always at somewhere that is perfect for me. I will always stop here first when seeking employment they have friendly smiling faces that make you feel welcome and prompt and accurate placement. Thanks Staffing Partners"

- Damenyon Brown