WOTC and I9 Electronic Consent Form

Staffing Partners
Consent to Proceed Electronically

Welcome to the Staffing Partners’ Electronic Application and Forms Portal. You will be able to complete, review, save, or print the documents using only your web browser. If you have trouble with this process, please contact your local Staffing Partners for assistance.

Mansfield 419-522-2895  Wooster 330-262-2662  Marion 740-751-4997

Before Staffing Partners can accept your personal information related to electronic documents, you should be aware of the following information and must affirmatively agree to the following:

1. If you proceed, you are agreeing to complete the I9 and WOTC process electronically.
2. Your responses to all questions throughout either electronic process will be recorded and made part of your electronically signed documents and electronic application/hiring record.
3. You have the option to complete this process using the traditional paper and ink signature process. You must visit one of our Staffing Partners' offices if you wish to sign your application and other related employment documents in ink.
4. You can contact our office at any time to review and get copies of the documents you signed electronically.
5. You have the right to request a paper copy of any documents you signed electronically.
6. You have read and agree with the verification and security procedures adopted by Staffing Partners.

You will need to have the following to successfully complete the process:

1. Internet Explorer 7.0 (or newer) or Firefox 1.0 (or newer)
3. If you wish to print a copy of the documents you complete, you must have a printer
capable of printing these web pages.

I understand that Staffing Partners will rely upon my electronic signature to the same extent as if I had signed this document in ink. If you do not understand or accept or agree to the policies, terms and conditions set out above, then click here and you will exit this page. If you agree click one of the links below to submit the electronic form.

I9 Electronic Form