About Us

Building TrustResearch shows that even with the best business practices and service you still need strong relationships to succeed in any market today.

Trust is at the heart of building those strong, business relationships and that’s why we never have and we never will take the easy way over the right way. We realize it’s not just about providing staffing services but it’s how we provide that service that makes the difference.

Trust is the primary binding force we build with each and every client.
Staffing Partners has been successfully building business relationships for over 20 years in the State of Ohio. Our service includes a full range of direct hire and temporary staffing services in a variety of
industries at all levels. These services are available to our clients and candidates in every business sector through two different branch locations in Ohio.

We are large enough to serve any business within our market, yet personal enough to listen to, and
understand your particular needs. All of our money stays in our communities and supports local
business development.

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