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How To Keep Your Company Afloat If You Unexpectedly Lose an Employee

There is a business management phenomenon called "Bus Theory"-- namely, the factor by which a project or business would be affected if team members suddenly disappeared from a project. It has even become a macabre joke -- someone … Read more

How to build a team you can count on

When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, people management is essential. To do this successfully, managers need to inspire … Read more
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3 Strategies to Better Motivate Your Team

Regardless of your industry or team size, being a leader is no easy task. You have to be a counselor, a disciplinarian and a source … Read more


The Best Traits the Smallest of Small Business Owners Share

Even though I've taken a full-time role writing content for a fintech company, I'm still running my content agency part-time. I … Read more
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