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Staffing Industry Frequently Asked Questions

Will working for a staffing firm help me get a permanent job? What types of assignments do staffing companies offer? What kind of flexibility does a staffing job offer me? How long do people hold temporary jobs? What types of assignments do staffing companies offer? What kind of services do staffing companies provide?

Staffing Partners' Employees are Named Certified Staffing Professional® by the American Staffing Association

Several Staffing Partners' employees are named Certified Staffing Professional by the American Staffing Association

Wooster woman traveled the world to find her biological parents

Wooster Area Chamber Ribbon Cutting for Staffing Partners' New Location

The chamber officially welcomed Staffing Partners Wooster, Ohio to their new office at 2873 Cleveland Road.

Global Cash Card Announces Launch of Expense Manager

Global Cash Card, the proven specialist in customized paycard solutions, announces the launch of expense manager, a new budget management tool that is now available to all cardholders.

Staffing Partners Online Pay Information

Starting the week of June 16th, we will no longer be mailing paystubs! We highly recommend that you sign up for eConnect through Staffing Partners to access your Staffing Partners’ pay records at anytime.

Working with Recruiters Made Easy

This is apparent to anyone that’s ever heard a friend or relative complain about a recruiter “not finding them a job.” If you’re planning on working with recruiters or with a staffing firm, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Staffing Facts

Staffing companies statistics concerning jobs, flexibility, bridge to permanent placement, choice of assignments and training.

How to Select a Staffing Company

How to Select a Staffing Company American Staffing Association | Job Seekers Whether you want a temporary job or a permanent position, working for a staffing company is a great career move. America's staffing companies match millions of people to millions of jobs. And millions of staffing employees ultimately go on to permanent jobs. Here are some reasons why a staffing company might be perfect for you.

How to Be Happy at Work

If you're unhappy at work--or anywhere else, for that matter--it's because you've made yourself unhappy. There's an easy way to change that.

Tips for Handling Difficult People

TIPS FOR HANDLING DIFFICULT PEOPLE • Handle angry people by diverting their attention. Say the person’s name in a friendly, clear voice. Then add in a calm to

Staffing Partners job postings

We are now posting current job openings on our updated website, Facebook and Twitter. If you're looking for a job or a career change, visit us at one of these locations.

Staffing Partners has come through for me, on more than one occasion. Not only have they placed me at a job but it is always at somewhere that is perfect for me. I will always stop here first when seeking employment they have friendly smiling faces that make you feel welcome and prompt and accurate placement. Thanks Staffing Partners

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