Mansfield's October Employee of the Month

Kyle Workman was nominated by Containercraft Inc. to be our employee of the month for October. Kyle started out in a short term assignment running the baler and is now a little over a year later he is running the biggest machine there. Containercraft mentioned that Kyle never calls off and if something does come up he plans ahead of time to have approved time off. They said that overall Kyle is a great person to work with and he has the best attitude towards work and people in general.

Kyle describes himself as being a self-motivated individual and he goes to work every day so he can simply be successful in life. “I set goals for myself and I always achieve them” Not only does Kyle have a full time job he is also a full time student. He is very into technology and in his spare time, he builds, customizes and modifies computers. Kyle would like to give a shout out to his mom and dad for all the positive encouragement that they give him on a daily basis it means everything to him.

Kyle truly likes working at Containercraft because every order for every customer is different. He enjoys having a different daily task and that his work is not extremely repetitious. He especially enjoys the coworkers he gets to work beside every single day, he mentioned that everyone he works with has a positive attitude and overall they are great to work with.

Kyle was referred to Staffing Partners by a friend. He only came in looking for short term position to fill the gap between school but Staffing Partners found a great job for him and now he has adjusted his class schedule around his work schedule!

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